Why Morocco ?

Some background information:

Morocco is a country with a wonderfully diverse landscape strategically located, between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa, in the Maghreb region on the North West side of Africa. In Morocco the Mediterranean climate provides hot summers and moderate winters. With the Sahara desert in the South, the middle and high Atlas Mountains all through the country and the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea on both sides, Morocco is a wonderful country to travel in during your weekends or short holidays. The imperial cities Fes, Marrakech, Meknes and Rabat are rich of history and culture with beautiful Mosaic tiles and wood carved doors. Wondering around the little streets of the medina will make you feel you are in a 1001 night story.

In 1956 Morocco was declared independent from France and was transformed into a constitutional monarchy by King Mohamed the V. Since 1999 King Mohammed VI is the head of the religious community after succeeding his father Hassan II.  The King Mohammed VI is doing his best to improve the human rights, infrastructure, agriculture and education in Morocco.

The official language of Morocco is Classical Arabic (fus’ha) but the most widely spoken language is the Moroccan dialect: Darija. In the rural area’s around 10 million people speak one of the three different Amazigh dialects: Tamazight, Tashelhit or Tarifit. The Amazigh spoken dialect depends on the region. French is still widely spoken in Morocco, is taught on primary and high schools and is the spoken and written language of commerce and economics.

All this said:

An experience in Morocco takes you beyond the classroom experience and gives you an opportunity to face different intellectual, cultural and linguistic environments. This experience allows you to live in a country full of customs, with nice weather and a rich landscape variety; where people are kind and always ready to help you and make you feel part of this world. Taking the chance to live this international experience, students enrich and prepare themselves for the global market, where cultural awareness is a key ingredient. Students learn from other cultures while having the opportunity to share their own culture with others.

There are several compelling reasons why you should consider volunteering in Morocco:

  • Rich Cultural Heritage:  Morocco boasts a vibrant and diverse culture (Amazigh-Arab culture)
  • Warm Hospitality : The country has a long-standing tradition of welcoming visitors with open arms
  • Diversity: flavors of Africa and the Middle East with a strong European influence.

Morocco has a lower GDP, moderate life expectancy, lower rates of continued education, illiteracy and poverty.