I Study Abroad Morocco

About I study abroad Morocco



ILCS, I study abroad Morocco has attracted more than 2000 participants for the last 5 years.  It is still impacting lifes of youth from all over the world.  I study abroad  Programs are created to introduce Morocco to the world, educate and train  leaders of tomorrow and contribute to the social development of the Moroccan community.



I study abroad Morocco is located in Rabat, Morocco’s capital .  Rabat is a beautiful city located at the Atlantic Ocean coast. ILCS is  within a 15-minute walk from the centre of Rabat in the lively neighbourhood Agdal.  On its street there are several restaurants.  On FAl  Ould Oumeir, the main Avenue, there are  many international shops and restaurants. ILCS Study abroad Morocco is housed in a 5 story building.  This is used mostly for classroom, language laboratory  and partly for administrative activities. On the 3th floor a lounge with cafeteria is created especially for participants to relax and socialize during  breaks or after classes.  On  Fridays we organise activities in the lounge.  We show  Moroccan movies as well as international ones.