Outdoor Leadership programs

The Outdoor Leadership program takes you out of the classroom in to the mountains. At ILCS we believe in learning by doing. Do you want to learn how to lead? We think that everybody can learn how to lead and we challenge you to become THE leader of today. By our hands-on approach you will become competent, cultural aware, skilled, communicative and responsible leaders. During the leadership program at ILCS you will learn tools which you will carr

y with you for the rest of your life. ILCS is an institute specialized in Leadership and communication. With our inside knowledge and experts we are able to give you a wonderful experience that helps you become a great leader. In this globalizing world it is necessary to have leaders who know different cultures a

nd are able to work with diversity. This is why a leadership program in Morocco will make a difference for you and your future career.

Your future employers will see a leadership program abroad as a great plus on your CV.

The program is divided in two weeks. In the first week you do field work. You make a trip through the Atlas or Rif mountains together with your peers. You get a compass and a map and have to find your way through the mountains. This challenges you and helps you to work as a team. The second week you stay in a village together with your peers. You help the community of this village by teaching, sharing your knowledge, working in groups and interacting with people from different cultures and meeting leaders.