Amazigh Studies

Imazighen: Free men

The Amazigh populations are the native inhabitants of North Africa with an estimation of 25 million people in total. In Morocco we count three Amazigh spoken dialects:

  • Tachelhit
  • Tarifit
  • Tamazight

The Amazigh Study Program covers the the following topics:

  • Amazigh History
  • Amazigh Language and Identity
  • Amazigh Culture and Traditions
  • Amazigh Arts and Poetry
  • Amazigh Music
  • Visit to one of the Amazigh Area

The program schedule:
During the first two weeks, language classes are offered in the mornings at ILCS in Rabat, and lectures are taught on the topics described above. In the subsequent two weeks, you will travel to one of the Amazigh regions in Morocco to conduct research and participate in a service-learning project. You will be hosted in family homestays to fully immerse yourself in the Amazigh culture.