Amazigh Studies

Imazighen: the free men

The Amazigh populations are the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa with an estimation of 25 million people in total. In Morocco we count three Amazigh Languages which are spoken in different regions in Morocco:

  • Tachelhit
  • Tarifit
  • Tamazight

The Amazigh community in Morocco is about 80 % of the total population Moroccan population and almost half of the Moroccan Population speaks one of the three Amazigh Languages. The script of the Amazigh Language is called the Tifinagh alphabet. The King Mohammed VI has founded: The Moroccan Royal Berber Institute and gives a lot of importance to the culture and history of the Amazigh population.

During the Amazigh Study Program the following topics will be discussed during class:

  • Amazigh History
  • Amazigh Language and Identity
  • Amazigh Culture and Traditions
  • Amazigh Arts and Poetry
  • Amazigh Music

The program content:
During your first two weeks language classes during the mornings are offered in Rabat at ILCS and lectures are taught on the topics described above. The second two weeks you go to one of the Amazigh regions in Morocco to conduct research and work on a service learning project. You are hosted in family home stays to really experience the Amazigh culture.