Welcome to Morocco and its hospitality

French Language: Widely spoken throughout Morocco

Studying French:

As Morocco was under the French protectorate between 1912 and 1956, the French language is widely spoken throughout the whole country. French still serves as the primary business language which is required if you want to have a good position within a company. The French Language is also widely used in education, commerce and government. Within Moroccan households, families often speak a mixture of Moroccan Darija and French. When you are in Morocco you hear French everywhere around you and will be able to put your knowledge into practice. Besides learning French, you acquire a great cultural experience within a culture so different from your own.

Program content:

Within the first week of the French  course you have five hours of French a day to learn French survival skills. For advanced students you advance your acquired knowledge by attending French literature and other topics in French. During week two you have four hours a day of French language classes in the morning and one hour a day of Moroccan culture classes in the afternoon together with cultural activities outside of the classroom. The language classes provide you with oral and written French skills. For the Moroccan culture classes you have lectures on Moroccan history, culture, the political system of Morocco, Architecture, the situation of Moroccan women and media.

Students are given placement tests upon arrival and placed in the level appropriate for their French language proficiency.  The following levels and courses are offered:

  • FR101 Basic French: writing skills (3 credits)
  • FR102 Basic French: reading skills (3 credits)
  • FR103 Basic French: listening skills (3 credits)
  • FR104 Basic French: communication skills (3 credits)
  • FR201 Intermediate French: writing skills (3 credits)
  • FR202 Intermediate French: reading skills (3 credits)
  • FR203 Intermediate French: listening skills (3 credits)
  • FR204 Intermediate French: communication skills (3 credits)
  • FR301 Advanced French: writing skills (3 credits)
  • FR302 Advanced French: reading skills (3 credits)
  • FR303 Advanced French: listening skills (3 credits)
  • FR304 Advanced French: communication skills (3 credits)
  • FR401 French Culture and literature (1 credit)
  • FR402 France influence throughout Morocco (1 credit)
  • FR403 French Civilization, history and culture (1 credit)
  • FR404 Business French (1 credit)