Intercultural and Global Awareness program: understanding others


In our current globalized World, Intercultural

Communication is used in our daily professional and personal life. Intercultural communication teaches us to communicate  across  cultural  boundaries  and  helps us  understand  communication  styles  of  people  from other cultures. Global awareness involves understanding others by placing ourselves in someone else’s live with a culture other than our own. To be able to reach cultural awareness and communicate effectively with people from other cultures, recognition of your own culture is essential and com

parison with a culture other than yours is necessary. We want to contribute in creating a peaceful world full of understanding, do you? Come to Morocco and participate in our Intercultural and global awareness program.

Our summer program of intercultural and global awareness offers the perfect combination between theory and practice where students directly interact with the local Moroccan population. Students will develop their intercultural understanding through debates, dialogues, readings, variety of hands-on learning activities done in class and extracurricular activities like trips, community work, case studies and observations.