Gender equality and women’s empowerment:

The development of women empowerment

is a key factor to increase social, political and economic equity. The Empowerment of women program in Morocco consists out of organizing training and workshops for women and men in the rural area. The training and workshops can be done throughout the following themes: nutrition, health, education, encouragement training, economic self-sufficiency training and productivity training. Women empowerment is a long process but you can contribute to the start and change lives by organizing training for men

and women.

Program  content:

Students  receive  lectures  on  several  important  topics  related  to gender  equality and woman empowerment  in Morocco to give a solid background.  The lectures are given by gender specialists at ILCS Group during the first two weeks.  Topics  can be  related  to women and Islam; Moroccan  family  law  and  the position  of  women; Morocco’s  feminist  movements; women NGO’s  in Morocco; Women’s  leadership  in Morocco; Women and  sexuality;  Issues  in Women’s health  in Morocco; Women   education; analphabetism and Moroccan women; art and culture. Visits to Moroccan NGOs give you an idea how Moroccan women organisations operate to emancipate or to keep women in their traditional role. The second two weeks you will travel to the countryside and work on a project together with women from the rural areas.