Business projects & internships


The program doing business with Morocco focuses on introducing you to the Moroccan business world. With Morocco’s strategic position and Free Trade agreement, it is a great and important country to learn how to do business with. Many offices of multinationals are located in the cities Casablanca and Rabat. This program wants to introduce you to the opportunities, challenges and strength of the Moroccan Business Market. An important part of the program will teach you how to negotiate, built relationships and develop intercultural competencies. As the majority of ILCS professors are professionals who work, besides teaching, in Moroccan private and public companies, we are able to arrange business trips and business cases in Rabat and Casablanca. The Business case program is divided in a week of lectures about doing business in Morocco and a week of visits to Moroccan companies, the chambre of commerce and work on a business case. There is also a possibility to stay longer in Morocco after your two week program and do an internship at one of visited companies.